We recommend using our harnesses first as a training tool and then for general management and everyday use. A trainer familiar with our harnesses and methods can also provide valuable assistance and follow up to gain the full benefits.

Introduction & Safety

Our harnesses are designed to be used with and without a regular flatcollar. At first, clip your leash to the TOP of the ring on the harness and to the ring on a collar simultaneously. This offers the following benefits:

  • Prevents the leash from pulling the back and girth straps against
    your dog's front legs.
  • Offers safety for unexpected behaviors.
  • Prevents too much load on the chest strap.
  • Prevents chewing the chest strap while walking.
  • Keeps the chest strap up.

Unclip from the collar for short periods to slowly phase out the collar.
We recommend clipping to the collar for high stimulus environments.

Quick Sessions

Instead of starting with a long walk, we suggest doing quick sessions. This is especially good for puppies and distracted dogs. Dogs do best with a gradual approach of giving them guidance with the harness and then time to rest after they respond. Using different leash methods also distributes the affect on your dog's sense of touch.

Start in a quiet place to help your dog focus on his sense of touch. Use the Front-Connection; pull your leash forward, side ways, and upward (not backward).

instructions demo21. Beginning

  • Start with your dog BEHIND you
  • Take the slack out of your leash
  • Encourage your dog to follow you
  • Walk to the RIGHT
  • Pull the leash gently toward you
    Do not jerk or pop the leash
  • When your dog gets beside you, stop walking
    Give your dog a treat/praise!

2. Forward/Stop

Do not start with a loose leash

  • Pull your leash gently upwards to take the "slack out" of your leash
    (This helps keep your dog close to you)
  • Walk forward 3 to 4 steps
  • Stop walking
    Give your dog a treat/praise!

instructions demo33. Turn/Attention

  • Start with your dog on your LEFT
  • Lay the leash against the LEFT side of your dog's neck and
    over the back of his neck
  • Keep "slack out" of leash
  • Encourage your dog forward
  • Walk forward 2 to 3 steps
  • Hold leash steady
  • When your dog turns toward you,
    Give your dog a treat/praise!

4. Sit

  • Face your dog
  • Pull gently upwards on your leash
  • Use a treat to lure your dog into a SIT (or tell him to sit)
  • When he SITS, give him the treat/praise and put "slack in" the leash

instructions demo45. Right Turn

  • When your dog is on your LEFT, tug your leash away from your
    dog and to the RIGHT
  • He should rotate to the right
    Do not pull backwards on the leash

6. Left Turn

  • When your dog is on your LEFT, lay your leash against the
    RIGHT side of your dog's neck
  • Push your leash to the LEFT - Like neck-reining a horse

7. Off Leash

  • Grasp the C (chest) strap over one of your dog's shoulders.
  • Use your hand in place of a leash to pull the chest strap in the
    desired direction.

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