Author - Linda Lady

Do you know why the first Front-Connection™ harness was called the SENSE-ation®? It was named to spotlight how sense of touch and sensations impact dog behavior. The patented methods were created first, to encourage natural behavior and to give dogs touch guidance™ with their reflex. The SENSE-ation® harness was invented later, to support the methods.

I used to refer to the opposition reflex to explain how our harness system works, but it caused confusion and it does not cover an important element of pulling behavior - sense of touch. I now refer to the reflex as the touch reflex.

The following covers some of the features and benefits that set a SENSE-ation® harness apart from other products:

HorseIf you have ridden a horse, you have some sense of how leg pressure can tell a horse how to move. Stress -free horse training inspired the design of the SENSE-ation® harness to give dogs selective and clear body cues, similar to leg pressure. The side rings a movement of the chest strap play a crucial role for giving dogs turning cues instead of turning them forcefully - like other products. The purpose of the chest strap is not to press against your dog’s chest; it pivots upward on the side rings and moves the girth strap instead. This is why side ring placement dictates how to adjust the harness straps and why the side rings are positioned higher than the leash ring. If all rings are at the same height, Touch Guidance™ is not possible.


Body cues develop from pressure that supports the touch reflex and - timely rewards. The pressure is applied gently, like someone taps your shoulder, and released methodically and consistently. Our quick exercises are designed for the best leash direction and timing. When a dog is allowed to move in the natural direction of his reflex response, a loose leash will reinforce. Eventually, pressure can be eliminated and slight leash movement becomes a cue for the behavior. The best exercise for creating cues is to walk dogs in a circle or half circle and end with a reward and loose leash. This sets both the dog and handler up for success; the leash is not pulled backward and the dog will feel soft pressure in the right places, at the right time, and for the right amount of time.


A SENSE-ation® harness is designed for timely guidance which includes optional collar use. Using a collar at first, limits movement of the chest strap and maintains good timing of soft pressure for a transition from pressure to cues.

Collar use also stabilizes the harness for consistency and rubbing prevention, as well as extra safety and head guidance. Once cues begin to develop, letting the chest strap pivot slightly downward without a collar - will reinforce the cues.

dogMore Than a No-Pull Harness

A SENSE-ation® harness is a unique training tool that embraces natural dog behavior. It was the first harness invented to enhance basic commands as well as loose leash walking; in no-force, positive reinforcement training classes. No-pull products are made strictly to discourage pulling with restraint and leverage. Our harness system instead, prevents what causes pulling. The stress-free approach leads to independence from the harness with a calm, responsive, and - happy dog!