Safety & Comfort Features

Our harnesses do not include restrictive devices such as slip rings, prongs, cams, and martingales. This means our harnesses do not choke, pinch, constrict, or hobble.

  • Snap buckle positioned away from your dog's shoulder to prevent chafing and irritation
  • A leash can be clipped to both the chest strap and a collar for extra safety
  • Strap keeper hardware keeps straps together and prevents slipping
  • SENSE-ation® model is made with custom Softouch™ webbing for extra comfort
    • Fits low on a dog's chest without restricting his front legs
    • Does not tighten across the chest and shoulders
    • Designed to flex as you pull your leash. Allows for full range of motion and prevents hobbling

The differences between our harness models are the materials, number of sizes, colors, and price. Design benefits and quality of construction are the same.

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