I purchased this for my 9 month old 7.5# Chihuahua puppy who is a confirmed puller. I did not buy to stop the pulling but was more concerned the pulling on a flat collar, choker would damage her neck. I ordered the Mini using the sizing directions and it fits her also the leash which is a really nice one and received them supper fast!! I found after reading the instructions that hooking the leash to the collar on the center ring worked the best for her and liked the extra insurance that if somehow the harness came undone I still had it attached to her collar. Bonus it has all but eliminated her pulling and when she does and I give her an upward correction she listens. My husband also likes it :-) Due to the small size it is a little tricky to attach but she's even getting better at standing while her senior mom and dad fumble with the clasps..thank you for a great product!!!
Posted By: Deb G.
Roscoe, IL

My journey as a trainer started by working with rescue dogs, some of which had never been on a leash before coming to our group. Working to find a solution for them was not simple, we needed one that was comfortable, secure, and most importantly, effective - we tried many harnesses. SENSE-ation and SENSE-ible Front Connection Dog Harnesses have consistently been the best. They fit many different canine body types, they give the handler control without restricting too much movement in the dog, and they are easy to size. The company also provides excellent customer service and is a pleasure to work with. As a professional trainer they are the first harness I go to, and the one that works consistently for my clients.
Posted By: Alissa Mosier, CPDT-KA
Albany, NY

I'm a professional dog trainer based in Los Angeles. I recommend the Sense-ible front connection dog harness to all of my clients. It's an extremely comfortable harness for dogs to wear and has the added benefit of redirecting a dog's attention back to its handler due to the front-clip design. It's perfect for teaching leash manners and for reducing leash reactivity because a dog can no longer pull forward but must turn to the right or left when they get to the end of leash.
Posted By: Alexandra Bassett,
Lead Dog Trainer & Behaviorist
Los Angeles, CA

I am a service dog trainer. We received our Sensational Harness order and are so amazed with the difference they have made . We now have 5 service dogs in training and 2 therapy dogs doing amazing job with loose leash walking, wearing their harness. The smallest is a therapy pet in training and she is a 3 yr old maltipoo and totally stopped pulling immediately with harness. Our largest is a 90 lb Labradoodle only a yr old and it make such a difference for his parents who are seniors. We applaud your sensational harness, making our walks, training pull free more enjoyable for all.
Posted By: Judy-Anne Suan
Service Dog Trainer, Conroe Texas

My golden is four and weighs 110 lbs. I bought this harness3 years ago and never used it. He was used to being off lease until we moved to Tucson. When I put on his lease,he always pulled me and I hated taking him for walks. It was a real struggle. So I decided to try the harness, thinking it will not make much difference. Wow was I wrong!!! This really works! From the first time I put it on him,it was like I had a new dog,no pulling at all. This harness is the best product I could have bought.

It really works! Thank you so much for making it available. I love it! Joy

Posted By: Joy andrews
I love dogs and my grandchildren., Tucson

LOVE the Sense-ation harness! We have a very active Golden doodle puppy who constantly pulled when on a walk with her normal leash and collar. As soon as I adjusted and put on her new harness, I noticed an immediate difference. She seemed like she was instantly more calm and then when I took her for her first walk with the harness...AMAZING. No pulling...we had the most enjoyable walk we've ever been on. Very impressed...best $30 I've spend in a while!!!!
Posted By: Johanna M.
Manchester, NH

I am so pleasantly surprised by how well behaved my dog is in the SENSE-ation harness. He's a 70 pound lab, terrier mix and pulls steadily on walks, especially if he sees a squirrel. I tried the gentle leader and easy walk harness and he hated both. The easy walk hobbled him and restricted his movement. He loves the SENSE-ation because he has freedom of movement through his shoulders and the chest strap sits up higher, out of his way. His pulling has almost completely subsided and he's finally happy on walks, and so am I. I have recommended the harness to all my friends. Happy dog, happy owner!
Posted By: Kate Axten

Thank you for all your help sizing the sensation harness for my Westie. He is between sizes and the small you recommended definitely fits him better. He had a Gentle Leader Easy Walk harness but it was too clunky and too heavy for him. Being a terrier, he is strong and can be quite a puller. Your harness is light weight yet definitely encourage "civilized" walking. Best of all, it is very comfortable to wear. Great support and wonderful customer service.
Posted By: M. Ramsell, Arizona

The Sense-ible and Sense-ation harnesses are the Best Walking Devices available on the market today. We use them exclusively with our Dog Walking and Training Clients. The Girth Design allows for exceptional safety while walking dogs so we never have to worry about a dog slipping a collar or breaking loose. They are also helpful for addressing Pullers and Resistant walkers in a safe and gentle way. The Harness allows the handler a significant level of control while simultaneously providing a comfortable and ergonomic feel for the dog. I highly recommend them for dogs of all shapes and sizes!
Posted By: Elena Gretch, CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer)
It's A Dog's Life, LLC New York

I received my order of the new wonderful Sense-ation harness. I tried it on my co-workers naughty lab (imagine a naughty lab). It took me awhile to fit it. But, she walked wonderfully with it.

Took it to our HS where I volunteer. We put it on a Newfie mix who is the naughtiest dog there at the moment. No manner whatsoever. Everyone hates to take her out because she pulls so hard, jumps, and hurts you. She got away from volunteers 5 times over the weekend I was told.

We took her on the driveway away from all the dogs and she pulled a few times, then walked beside me like a completely trained dog. I asked 2 other people to walk her. They were speechless at how wonderful she was. I brought my dog out of the car. She is a bouncy Malinois rescue and walked and ran her in front of the HS dog. No lunging, crying, jumping etc. Wow, we said. Ok, let's take her back to the kennel area with all the distractions and barking and excitement. She was still very very good. Took off the harness, used just her collar. Bingo-bad dog again.
Posted By: C. Olson, Wisconsin

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased one of your Sense-ation Harnesses and I love it. I have a 7 month old Bull Mastiff who is at 101lbs already and this works wonderfully on him. It worked instantly and I'm amazed at the lack of effort that is needed to make him respond to my commands. This is the best invention ever!!! Thank you a million times over for creating this great harness.
Posted By: K. Sears

I have to write and tell you how much I love the Sense-ible Harness for Hogan. Hogan is my Service Dog who was trained with a Halti but did not like it on his nose. I switched to a Sense-ible harness a few months ago and Hogan and I both love it. Thank you from both of us.
Posted By: T. Gaston, Washington

I have a 5 year old 70 pound cattle dog. I have walked him with 2 different collars. The first was given to me by a trainer and it has the plastic teeth that grip his neck when pulling, he still pulled and even hurt his front leg pulling too hard. The second collar went around his front arms a bit like the Sensation, but the leash attached to the top of his neck. Again, he pulled horribly and hurt his back legs. I have now used the Sensation for 4 walks and I am so totally blown away. I have a new dog. I would not believe it was possible. We now do miles of walks and he is happy, content, and NO PULLING. Thank you!!!!
Posted By: Denise
Dog lover, California